District 5M-6 District Governor Lion Jenn Bierma

Bridging the Gap in Lionism 

& Our Call for ActionJen Bierma bridging the gap in lionsim

As Lions, we do so much good in our communities through service, through relationship and through bridging the gaps in the community where there is a need.

There are other needs that we, as Lions, need to look at bridging.  Gender gaps in our clubs, age gaps in our clubs and most importantly the gap between the “should do” attitude and a passionate service attitude.  This year will be about finding passion in our clubs again and connection between members in our clubs.

Bridging the Gap through Passionate Service

Lions are dedicated to serving our communities

  • Assist our members in find areas of service that they are passionate about
  • Assist our members finding a role in their club that they are passionate about

Lions are dedicated to working with children

  • Lions can help by finding service project that work with children in need
  • Lions can re-ignite their own passion about Lions by working with the Leos clubs during service projects!
Bridging the Gap through Gender

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

  • When we look at clubs that have men and women working side by side, we see strength in numbers as well as diversity in talents.  Men and women tend to problem solve in different ways, provide support to those in need in different ways and serve in different ways.
  • Bridge the Gap in your club by inviting members of the opposite sex to your club meetings.  We are not only looking for women in our clubs, if your club has a higher percentage of women, we want you to invite men as well!
  • Find ways to balance your club!
Bridging the Gap in Age
  • We often hear that our clubs are getting older and that we need to recruit younger members.  Connect with the younger members in your club and find out why they think that your club isn’t growing younger.
  • Ask younger members to offer suggestions for more youthful events that would bring in their friends.
  • Challenge club members of a different age category to partner to form and work on a project together.  Creation of new events or mentorship creates better relationships within the club and creates an environment for personal growth as well as club growth.
Bridging the Gap through TEAMWORK

When Lions work together with our Community members, we create change.

  • Encourage club members to talk to community members about what Lions do
  • Encourage club members to invite community leaders to give feedback about their community
  • Encourage Club members to participate in the R.E.A.L. program to recognize community members with the heart of a Lion.

The 5M-6 District theme, Bridging the Gap in Lionism!, encourages Lions in our District to demonstrate their dedication to service with a focus on creating a service environment that stems from the heart, learning from others to create a better community, expand the reach of Lions hearts